῀ Water, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Water, smoke or fire damage can devastate an antique,particularly one which was water gilded. The procedure to restore a damaged antique or piece of art can become complex; however, there is no reason to fret. Whether your damaged painting or frame requires cleaning, conservation, gold leaf restoration, or simply just a touch up, our staff has the expertise to handle any of your needs. We have the education and experience required to restore your damaged item to its original appearance without further compromising it, or its value.

Shuptrine’s Gold Leaf Designs is nationally renowned for restoring antique gold leafed frames and gilded furniture. Our expertise is sought out by numerous museums, historical and scholastic institutions, private collectors, insurance companies, fine art galleries, and antiques aficionados around the world.

As members of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, we follow the practices set forth in theCode of Ethics. Using minimal intervention whenever possible, our delicate and precise methods restore the beauty of the original piece, while striving to retain its historical integrity and value. Our goal in all cases is to produce a final result that is visually pleasing, structurally sound, and historically accurate.

We know that a home owner’s prized possessions can’t be replaced. To help keep heirlooms in the family, our restoration experts can evaluate your project either in person or through photographic prints, slides, or digital images. Whether damaged by water, smoke or fire, we can help with preserving your antiques and bringing them back to life. For more information, and to discuss your restoration needs, please call our gallery at 423-266-4453.