Hubert Shuptrine

credit: Knoxville News Sentinel, 1993

Hubert Shuptrine (1936-2006) exhibited a love for the subjects he paintedan approach to art he named “realizations”and his subjectivism communicated to viewers far beyond his native South. His nationally recognized watercolors and oils are in over 30 leading museums and institutions, including the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio. Since his passing in 2006, the demand for his paintings has increased, as each piece uniquely reflects Shuptrine’s love for painting and for those he painted. Hubert’s son Alan Shuptrine is also a nationally renowned watercolorist now in several museums. His grandson, Ben Shuptrine is following in their footsteps. For Hubert Shuptrine original paintings please call the Shuptrine Gallery at 423-266-4453

Hubert Shuptrine works in watercolor with a beautiful sense of the sheer, living consequentiality of his subject and with a skill that makes every picture an event to be reckoned with. He is a Beholder. He is able to enter into objects and people and places with the sense of these things entering into him.  —James Dickey, Jericho: The South Beheld

He didn’t just paint what he saw, but what he saw within…and what a difference! His words could form a painting-his paintings could speak the words. He was more than an artist, more than a chronicler of the dying South-he was a minister to us all, through his art. We need only to study one of his paintings or turn the pages of his books to feel his religious experience. —Alan Shuptrine