~ Gallery Wrapped Canvases and Prints


Alan Shuptrine Limited Edition Gallery Wrapped Canvases are available in select paintings.  These one-of-a-kind art panels are signed by the artist and branded. The wrapped canvases are available in various sizes proportioned to the original artwork. If you are interested in purchasing one of  these limited wrapped canvases, please contact Shuptrine’s Gallery at 423.266.4453 or email thegallery@shuptrines.com


ALAN SHUPTRINE SIGNTAURE SERIES PRINTS are now available in limited quantities for $350 each, in artist proof’s archival print form, sized 12 X 16 inches, matted and archival secured for shipping unframed. Each print is signed by the artist, and will fit any standard 20 X 24  frame once matted. Or, you can buy the artist’s special 22kt carved corner framed version for $550.00. If you are interested in purchasing prints contact us the Gallery at 423.266.4453 or email thegallery@shuptrines.com for sizes and pricing.

Discounts can be offered on group print purchases.
Size: 12 × 16 inches,
Matted and archival packaging for a 20 X 24 frame , ready for shipping
Price: $350.00
Framed Price: $550.00
To Order: 423.266.4453 or email thegallery@shuptrines.com